The Photographer

My name is Jessi and I was born and raised in California. I now reside here in Idaho and am a mother to a beautiful little girl. I’ve been interested in photography for quite sometime now but I didn’t get really into it until about 3 years ago; just after my daughter was born. The more I took photos, the more I grew to love photography and have a passion for it. I love taking outdoor shots; I call those God’s painting. Every time you take a photo, each photo is unique because it is different in every way; even if you can’t tell. I am a Christian and have faith in the Lord will lead me in the right direction as I continue to make my passion for photography a dream come true business. I may still be learning but I know each time i take a photo, my love for it grows.

If you will like to give me the chance to learn and grow with my passion and hopefully became a great photographer, please contact me.


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