Donating to FORGO

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know of the exciting month of April that is coming up!

There is a great non-profit organization called FORGO. Its a Mobile Site where you can forgo that Starbucks coffee and donate that for clean water in Haiti, or get a smaller meal at McDonalds and donate the difference. What I love about FORGO is they are not asking a specific amount, they are asking you to donate what you can. I don’t get to go out that much but when I do I love my Dutch Bros Coffee! Now instead of me getting the LARGE coffee, because I know I can afford it, Ill get the small instead and just donate the difference. Not only did I get my coffee fix but I also helped give clean water to Haiti. How awesome is that?

Now in JRP, I’m here to help make more of a difference with my sessions. During the Month of April, any session that is booked, 10% of that will be donated to FORGO. I think its a great way to thank God for the work he has given me and give back to all of his children who are in need.

So please, if you or know anyone who needs a photo shoot, I’m your girl!


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