So Important

As I struggle to became a photographer, you tend to attract certain people that like to put you down and feel you will not be able to follow your dreams. I, of course, have come across some people who say I am wasting my time in photography and there is no real job market; but photography isn’t just about the business, it’s about the understanding of freezing a moment in time.

One week ago today My step-dad’s mom passed away; I never got see Grandma Aust that much but I was happy to be able to get this photo of her and Madie together (2nd time they were together)

This is when those moments are important and when photography becomes something more than just snapping a machine that is in your hand. I get to show this to Madie as she gets older and know she at least got to meet one of her Great-Grandma’s as a child. (She was 6 weeks old when my other Grandma passed away: Read Here)

This is where I can tell those people who try to bring me down and tell them how more important it is. Yes, I will fight hard to make my dreams come true and become a photographer but I know what the truer meaning is. Capturing the Moments. Your moments. My moments. Certain situations. They are all important in our lives and we should never forget that. Thanks for listening! God Bless!


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